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Metal Fox

Metal Gear

Click above to play the outside outer heaven MIDI.

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the picture of the metal gear box you see,
is the MSX version.. The NES and MSX boxes of metal gear look very same though..
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Outer Heaven is the name of a heavily armed fortress in the dephts of southern Africa, where the dreadful weapon called Metal Gear
is developed. The secret army Fox-hound, sends in their best man, Gray Fox to infiltrate Outer Heaven. But Gray fox gets captured and taken hostage. Then its the mission of Solid Snake, the newest member of Fox Hound, to sneak into Outer Heaven, rescue Grey Fox and destroy METAL GEAR.


(Big|Boss)                           11:30 pm.
Metal Gear is a very old game. It came out in the late 80'ies,
to NES and MSX. So plz, don't go off blaming it for the graphics or enything else, beacuse it's the self consept that is so bloddy great!! But you probbably need to know a bit more than, there allready is. You know, the ending is allways shocking in the MGS games. That is one of many things that makes these games fun. There are allways suprises and stuff.

Any questions? conatct me (.:Big|Boss:.).

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