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Metal Fox

About Big Boss and Grey Fox


Big Boss:

An extraordinary man who worked as a mercenary for numerous countries during the 1960's. He achieved near mythic status during his lifetime as the famous "Legendary Soldier".

In the 1990's, he secretly created "Outer Heaven" while officially serving as commander of Unit FOXHOUND, but he was defeated by Solid Snake. Later, he formed the nation of Zanzibar (A little island in Africa.) His remains were preserved by the military as a genetic sample of the "Greatest soldier that ever lived".


Grey Fox:

Real name: Frank Jeager. The only man with the honour of receiving FOXHound's highest codename. "FOX". During the "Outer Heaven Revolt", he was the first member of FOXHOUND sent to infiltrate Outer Heaven. He was captured while gathering inormation about MetalGear TX-55, but was rescued by Solid Snake. After Big Boss left the military, Grey Fox mysteriously disappeared as well. Later, in Zanzibar, he fought against FOXHOUND, alongside Big Boss as he decleard war against the rest of the world. Acting on orders, Snake

was dorced to defeat him.

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