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Metal Fox


click above to play the Solid Snake MIDI.

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It's the year 1999. The world is suffering from energy crisis. In the very near future, oil will run out and disapear. But a scientist Dr. Kio Marv has discovered an oil refining microbe, called OILIX. 
Dr. Kio Marv, with his OILIX prototype was taken hostage by a militant nation deep in the Middle East of Asia, called Zanzibar land.

The retired Solid Snake, gets a call from Fox-Hound commander, Roy Cambell, with the mission to infiltrate Zanzibar and rescue  Professor Marv.




Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, is quite an old game, it came out in the early 90'ies. And right to MSX2. So plz don't go blaming it.
It's about Solid Snake, again from "Metal Gear." 

Any questions? conatct me (.:Big|Boss:.).

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